Monday, March 7, 2011

We've been to Paradise!!!

I thought that paradise was only in dreams and can be seen only on fairy tales but I was wrong!  Because today, we've visited one of the hidden paradise in the Philippines located in Samal Island, Davao!

After our breakfast we packed our things and prepare to go to Samal.  We've brought of course things needed for swimming and water for our drinks.  They say that we can have our lunch there at affordable price.

We've just landed :D

While resting, I took pictures of different things like the boats


The Plane
The animals

and people.

the beach swipers
Why am I saying that this is a Paradise?  From the name itself and of course to its beautiful surroundings that according to them are preserved.

The Aviary

The beach
the beach

The scenic views.

The foods

And this is what I love in here most, the fishes that are so friendly.  Look. ------>>

I can't forget its beauty.  I'll be back again soon...
I am happy that we have a place like this, preserved and well loved.

Keep on smiling :)

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Anonymous said...

wow ganda talaga jan mi...sarap bumalik.hehehe

jhengpot said...

balik ulit tayo....:D

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