Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Full Moon can cause Chaos?

I love the moon.  I'm fascinated by its beauty, on its different views/angles appearing on earth's sky.  From first quarter, last quarter, new moon and of course the full moon. It's so lovely up there. I remember my childhood super hero, Sailor moon.  I'm always rushing home to see this cartoon series.  I'm sure you did that too!

 My closest friends and people who knew me well remember me every month when there is full moon.  Maybe you'll ask me why? No,  I am not turning into wolf or vampire, it's just my behavior as human is being affected by full moon!  I am not a lunatic (that's insane??!) I'm just having mood swings.  Sometimes super kulit, sometimes temperamental, I just can't explain!

And today March 19, once again full moon will shine in our sky,. the closest to appear on Earth's surface. This is not just an ordinary full moon as many astrologist say that it would be a super full moon, and named it
perigee.  According to an astrologer named Richard Noelle, he said he coined the word "super moon in 1979 to describe "what is technically termed a perigee-syzygy", where a new or full moon at its closest approach to Earth (perigee) in a given orbit.  In short all Earth, Sun and moon are all in a line (is it Mayan's prediction of star alignments?) where the Moon has gotten its nearest approach to Earth surface for the past 18 years.

Source: GMA News article

Some astrologist predict that this super full moon will bring strong earthquakes, tsunamis and unusual climate patterns, many catastrophe as science said that Moon has a gravitational attraction on earth.  Did this trigger the 8.9 magnitude quakes and Tsunamis in Japan?

You may read this article regarding  Super Full moon and decide if its really can cause chaos.

But no matter what, most important thing to do is to trust God!  Always pray, ask him our safety.  He will always listen to those with good hearts and to His flock.  If it's His will, it must be done!


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