Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Layout

I have nothing to do in the office.  So I just let my mind wander, and decided to change the layout of my blog. It's very hard to choose for the design.  Some are not compatible when you put it.  Some just don't function.  And most of them are common.  Tired of choosing but I don't give up, then here came up the final look.  Hope it fits me.

New look, new home, new me!!! :)  Thanks to Skincorner.Com for this wonderful skin :)

By the way, today is our 3 years and 3 months anniversary of being together......:D  Imagine that!!!??? Ang tagal na din pala namin magkakilala.

Always smile to brighten up your day.

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Anonymous said...

nice mi ganda na ng blog muh.keep it up..lub u..mwuahhh

Wena said...

love the color and the header! ginawa mo ba yang header mo? gusto ko rin ng ganyan!...:)

jhengpot said...

thanks ninang...meron na pong ready na design...yung iba in-enhance ko na lang :)

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