Monday, March 28, 2011

My First out of Town Experience

Way back October 30- November 4, 2005, our barkada planned to visit Mindoro.  It was a one of a kind experience and adventure as well, 'coz it was my first time to ride supercat and of course RoRo!  Our first destination, Puerto Galera!  Look at the picture, we were so young back then...hahahha!

vhan, lheng and me

Our next stop, Pinamalayan, Oriental, Mindoro.  On our way there, our eyes drooled over the beautiful sceneries.  The twin falls, the mountains, the big tress and more.  We stayed at Blue Waves Hotel for a night because we've arrived there late in the afternoon and the boat going to Concepcion Island was gone :(, and my friends were afraid to ride on a small motor boat across the ocean during the night.

Early in the morning, we went to Concepcion Island through a small motor boat. 

The island is privately owned by our friend and His family.  What a beautiful sunrise ahead!

The views of this island is so fascinating, I thought I'm in Paradise that time.  Fresh air, fresh fruits, fresh foods.  They served us fresh fish and vegetables on our meals, and our drinks?  Fresh Buko Juice (courtesy of Kuya Arnel).  Yun nga lang, no electricity :D You can hear "kuliglig" at night.

The next day, Kuya Arnel toured us to his secret island, what a Paradise!

The beach and sands were like those in Boracay.  The only difference is that there's no tourists and other people there, only us, the invited guests.  I want to go back there....I wonder when will that be?

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