Friday, March 25, 2011

FX Driver

These days, I seldom see a person with kind heart.  Most of the people today have "this is mine" "all mine" mentality!  This maybe because of poverty and economic crisis afflicting our country.  Only few will return the item they accidentally picked up to the real owner.  And this is why I salute this FX Driver with PKP400 plate, Quiapo-Megamall-Pasig route.

FX is our daily transport to work.  And last Wednesday night as we rode the FX going home, the driver asked us if we have a Cherry Mobile phone.   We asked him why?  And he said that someone had left a mobile phone on his fx and the (might be) owner of that phone is now calling and he didn't know how to open it.  My husband tried to unlock the said phone, and voila, he unlocked it!

To make the story more shorter :D, the driver asked his fellow drivers through the radio to send him load for him to be able to call the owner.  But his co-drivers said just wait for the owner to call.  So that's the story, the owner and the driver talked where they could meet up.

If you were in his position, will you return the phone or just keep it???? Well your conscience will tell you.

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