Thursday, March 10, 2011

Passport Application

It's because of our company's proposed outing at Hongkong that drive us to Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and apply for a passport.  Of course every one of us are very excited, it's not just an out of town experience to be but out of the country!

First we set our application schedule here at E-Passport.

March 9, 2011, 10:30 am was our scheduled appointment. I must say that I am satisfied with their service. Though there are lots of people there querying for their application, still they served us fast. Yes, it's true that the line was too long, but it's moving fast and so we've finished it at only an hour, from the gate to the cashier; I think it is Step 1 and 2.  It only slows down on the verification and image capture, coz it was their lunch break. 

And this is my number for the verification: D

I suggest to those who want to finish their application at an early time, set your schedule appointment at 7:30 am and be the first in line.

By the way, they are no longer accepting rush passports (10 working day process) except to those with confirmed flight bookings.  They cater a 25 working day process of passports.  

And because of the traffic, my supposed to be half day leave became whole day..hays!  But at least my passport is on process and will be delivered on April 13, 2011,yey!

How about you?  Have you applied for your passport?


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