Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Team Building Activitites

Every 5th of September, our company is celebrating its anniversary.  On 2009 we've decided to go some place, and instead of having a party or dinner in the office or in the restaurant, we have had our first team building activities.  We were divided into two (2) groups: the Black and the Green team, and me was included on the Black team.

Date: September 6, 2009
Venue: Eugenio Lopez Center, Antipolo, Rizal


It's a daylong of activities which included a warm up of course!

Short briefing and instructions from the host

Cheering for group intoduction

Indoor activities first....Turn the mat upside down, without touching the floor....harmony of the group.

And we won!

Second...building a tower that won't fall...made of pasta and mallows. Communicating without the voice, no talk eh :D

our tower
tower under pressure :D, still standing
our opponent's tower, uncompleted  :D
Again, we won for the second round :D
Let's get outside and have some fun under the sun? huh? rain pala....

First in line....Paintball...

We'd loose the first and second battle which was the survival, but we won the final round, most number of survivors and made us the winner!
Next game was an obstacle race/ relay? 

Guess who won? :D  Obviously, the black team!
Last and final game....Blind fold, first to complete and assemble the hoolla hoop

Again, we won!

The awarding....Black team was the Champion!

At the end of the day we've learned the team effort and bind us more closer.  Tired, yes but super duper enjoy.

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