Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coron, Palawan

April 23-25 of 2010, our company outing and our first visit to another beautiful place in the Philippines, CORON, PALAWAN. 

Place of Stay : Divelink Beach Resort

Well, I may say that the place is beautiful but remote!  You have to ride a motor boat in order to go to the mainland.  A perfect place for the people who want peace of mind and not for those who want party because they have curfew hours for everything in the resort.  Plus the fact that they only had an electricity during the night starting 6:00 pm.

This was also the worst out of town I've ever had.  I did not enjoy the whole vacation because I've been attacked by my UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  It's hard because I have no medicine and my then BF (Mon) had to travel across the sea to get me some medicine.  I can't eat, I can't walk, I cant even sleep!  What I felt was pains! :(

All bcoz of these!
in pain :(
But I still participated to our day to day routine like, climbing to this 700+ something steps in this mountain

And the secret party at night....

On the 24th...we had island hopping to the preserved water of Palawan...

super lalim kaya i need to wear a vest
Super Hot spring after magbabad sa dagat.....


After the long day of activities, rest!  Look, puro drinks lang ang nate-take ko :(

On the 25th, I really can't join them on kayaking :(   I really need to rest.  The pain is killing me :( 
Look at ugly!

I had survived the weekend.  Thanks to my hero, Mon for taking care of me and be there for me all the time!

For more info about the resort you may visit this link : Divelink Beach Resort.

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Philtrvia01 said...

perfect place for adventure lover, much fun if you bring your adventurous friends and of course your GF /BF. Coron is such a lovely place, very transparent whether you feel happy its the best place, Sad its the best place, overwhelmed still the best place. no wonder why it become a top tourist destination in the philippines.

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