Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rodeo Masbateño Festival

Masbate is my father's hometown.  And unfortunately, I've never been there so I'm including Masbate on my wish-list of places to travel next year.

Rodeo Masbateño Festival is an annual event, taken place every summer particularly on April 6-8 since 1993. It takes place in Masbate City, Philippines (traditionally considered as the "Cattle Country of the Philippines"), which showcases skills in livestock handling such as lassoing, wrestling, and riding cattle. Also included in the event are a fair and exhibitions and trade of cattle and horses.

Photo credits to : Rodeo Masbate

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Wena said...

taga-Masbate pala ang Papa. so, Bicolana ka rin pala. :D

Wena said...

taga-Masbate pala ang Papa. so, Bicolana ka rin pala. :D

MC said...

Parang nakakatakot. :/

Visiting from TT.
Karawasan Festival 2011

Journey of a Capricornian said...

ate weng....bicol ba yun? kala ko visaya na :D

""rare*jonRez"" said...

I love the second shot! Super candid! Kaso nga lang, I am scared of Redeo show. Lol.

Late TT visit! My entry is a BEACH DANCING FEST which I accidentally witnessed! Hope you can check it out! :)

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