Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I've got curious the first time I've heard about this "dinakdakan" 'coz in tagalog "dinakdakan" means yelling or sermon.  But when I've gone to Ilocos that's the time I've realized that dinakdakan there is a native dish.  It's the counter part of "sisig" here in Manila. 

Dinakdakan's recipe is a grilled pig's part (e.g. ear, tongue or liver) blended with pig's brain or mayonnaise.

Pork’s parts of your choice:
     -ear (preferrred)
     -nape or batok in Filipino (preferrred)
     -small intestine
Onion; thinly sliced
Salt and pepper
Calamansi or lemon juice or vinegar
Pig's brain; boiled
Mayonnaise (optional)

Here's how to cook this:
Parboil pig's parts. Strain and broil or grill. Slice into 1” long by 1/4” thick (or your desired sizes), then place in a large bowl. Mix the slices of onion and boiled brain. Balance seasoning with calamansi juice, salt and pepper according to taste.

Cooking Tips:
If pork's brain is not enough or not available, you may use mayonnaise as a substitute.
Boil the brain in vinegar and same vinegar that you will use in the recipe.

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MarieClara said...

pig's brain? I don't think I can eat that.

I just posted my WW entry! :)

January said...

sarap ba sis?

Visiting from Wednesday White. Here's mine Shy and Serious, Demitasse Cups

emz said...

ang sarap nyan sis!

KM said...

eto ba yung dinakdakan? parang iba yung naalala ko. pero this looks yummy ah. you had me at mayonnaise :)

Visiting you for WW. I hope you can visit me back: DR. RUSSELL DOHNER, LOVED BY ALL

""rare*jonRez"" said...

I don't eat pig so I can't imagine myself indulging on this one. Lol.

Visiting for WW. You might want to look at my share if you got a chance:
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MaiThreeBoyz said...

I love sisig!so yummy! but i'll go for the mayo with the dinakdakan, sis! :)

Visiting from WW!

sam said...

its been a couple of months since I lost the appetite on eating pork's dishes..sort of healthy life style I guess..hehe..but an interesting menu for a pork lover..and thanx for visiting my page..please be my follower too.. ^_^

march on... said...

So this is like sisig, right? sounds yummy :)

purethoughts said...

haven't tried this yet.. i should sometime. thanks for sharing! late WW visit.

raya of colors and contrasts

JhAnEy said...

I love dinakdakan! I haven't eaten this food for a long time now. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. =)

Anonymous said...

your post is way better because it has a picture and a recipe! way to go! when we go back to vigan i'll make sure to eat dinakdakan again ^^

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