Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sizzlin' Pepper

T.G. I.F. (Thanks God its Friday) and we can take a deeper breath now because our office's most head breaking (ows?) problem is almost over. :D   Actually it's not a planned dinner date with my officemates, it’s just sudden.  And we ended at Megamall, particularly in Mega strip to look for something that we didn't try yet (as per our boss’ suggestion).

Here we've found The Sizzlin' Pepper @ the 4th floor.  It's a Combination of Western and Asian Cuisine.  Japanese-American Menu in particular.  The place is good as well as the crews!  They have their videos of dancing crews instructing on what to do after receiving your order.  You have to mix it gradually for it will be burned.

They have this stop and go sign for order taking, fun!  If you don't turn the "go" sign, no waiter will take your order (as in hindi sila lalapit sa iyo). 

stop sign
First served, the drinks......
mango shake!!! the usual.
Pine apple juice

Then here's the main hot!  sizzling!

Chicken pepper sizzling for Cel......

chicken sizzling for cel

Sizzling beef pepper for Dona and Kate

 Sizzling Pork Barbecue pepper for Mon and Arnie

dadi ko :D...impatient with his food
Sizzling Pork Barbecue pepper is my order too....picture first, wacky!

 So mouth watering, but can't eat yet! hot!!

partially mixed

mixed food, still hot
I will not suggest this store if you are in a hurry to eat and very hungry because your tongue will get burned!!!!  You have to practice your patience here....for you to enjoy the food.
Finally, his first bite
napaso pa yan :D
daming drinks :D
seryoso :P
Here we are, aren't we enjoying the meal...but it take us a lot of patience before we taste the food...

So sizzling hot but delicious.  The prices are affordable from Php 150-205, you can have your meal of choice.

Enjoy eating.

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Wena said...

iba pa sya ng Pepper Lunch no? may Pepper Lunch kasi dito sa Rockwell e.

jhengpot said...

iba pa po....ang init ng food..kaya kahit nakakatakam na...hintay ka talga lumamig :D

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