Friday, January 28, 2011

Our first month as Hubby and Wifey

Time is running too fast!  Imagine, a month has already passed after our wedding.  To evaluate the first month, I am happy, still enjoying the new facet of my life as a wife. :D

And since its January, its my birth month.  Another year, another blessings of my life!  Thanks for the free foods; office and my sisters' birthday treat for me.

The foods that my sister cooked for me.

Birthday with my family and friends.

We've celebrated our first monthsary at our home sweet home in Cavite.  Instead of spending money for a movie or a restaurant, we decided to beautify our home.  We hired someone to do the labor in our front yard (naks).  Transferred the grills from our window to the fence and also the gate.  It's for security reason since we are home only on weekends and our front yard became a playground by those kids on neighborhood, since it's open.

I am a busy housemaid during those days.  Preparing foods, washing the laundry and cleaning the dishes, whew!  But it's fun, knowing that after the week ends, our home will become beautiful and secure.

"It's only our first month, i am sure it'll last a life time!"

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