Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Betchay had a bite out of the good life at Alpo Canine Cafe

Last Sunday, Betchay had her chance to socialize with other dogs because we got invited to Pet Express' Dog and Cat Expo (thanks to Sir Dust Gaudan).  Actually, it's her first time to attend such event and I'm sure she enjoyed it.

Betchay-Pet Express
Since Alpo Philippines is the one who really invited us, we dropped by at the Alpo Canine Cafe.  We were entertained by their very friendly and accommodating staffs. :)  That was the very first time also that people called Betchay "cute" :P awww!  awwww!  ♥♥♥

At the cafe, our furry babies had their bites out of the good life.  I'm sure Alpo's new products (Little Friends with prebiotics for puppy and adult doggies)  whet our babies appetite!  Betchay and the other dogs really enjoyed free treats and a lot of free stuffs that are very useful for them like food tray and leash. :)

Pet Express: Pet Expo

Alpo's Little Friends with prebiotics for adult gives our fur babies strong gut health, optimum digestibility and smaller and firmer stools with less odor. Alpo's little friends growth is for our puppy.  It has DHA to help improve brain development and for them to develop a healthy muscle.

Pet Express: Pet Expo

While waiting for Toffee's show/exhibition, we wander at Hall 4 and met this really awesome and very big baby, a Malamute???  I wonder how much food he/she consume per meal :D

Pet Expo: Malamute

We also took advantage of the sale items like doggies tees and undies, soaps and shampoos, leash and more.  We bought Doggies' Choice Soap and Shampoo for our Buknoy and a bigger and stronger leash, and a dress for Betchay.  We also sought some veterinary advice for our big dog and end up buying dog supplements (hoping that it will do miracle on my problematic dog).

Finally, the much awaited time has come.  We finally able to watched Toffee and his bestest Pals performed their awesome and breath-taking tricks.  They're really amazing!  ♥♥♥
See photos below.

Pet Express: Pet Expo

Pet Express: Pet Expo

Pet Express: Pet Expo

That event is not only for our furry babies but also for us dog lovers and parents. :P  We really enjoyed the show as much as our dog,  See, we had a picture with Toffee. :) Ayieee ♥♥♥

At home, Betchay's dinner is none other than Alpo's treat for her.  She also shared her treats with his brother Buknoy.

What a generous little furry girl!  

I would also like to have this opportunity to thank Alpo Philippines for the generous treats for my dogs.  My older baby really loves it.  For your information, he's very picky when it comes to food.  Other brand gave him a sack of dog's meal, he just had a bite and never tasted it again.  Lucky for our neighbors dogs, they've got free treats. :D

But last Sunday when we arrived home, hubby gave him Alpo and look at the pictures above, he's really enjoying it. I'm stress free now and relieved on what to feed him.  ( FYI: I buy and cook his meal separately since our foods are sometimes harmful for them like the onions.  And to lessen the effort, I sometimes cook without garlic and onions!)     
"till next time!

For more Information about ALPO products, visit their facebook page: ALPO PHILIPPINES

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