Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Buttered Shrimp in Sprite

I am allergic to sea-foods particularly in shrimps.  That is why I am not interested in cooking it.  But last Sunday while buying ingredients for our lunch, hubby bought shrimps and asked me to cook it (naglambing?).

Oh-oh how to? For my love to my husband, I dare to cook it.  I just used my instinct like Jang geum of Jewel in the Palace :) I cooked the shrimps without tasting it.


1/2 kilo of shrimps
Maggi magic sarap
1 can Sprite

How to:
First marinade the shrimps with Maggi magic sarap and half can of Sprite.  Set aside for 15 minutes.  After that, heat the pan and put the butter.  Saute garlic until golden brown and crunchy, set aside.  Put the shrimps in pan with butter and cooked until it turns red.  Put half can of Sprite then season with salt and Maggi magic sarap.  Add the garlic and boil for another minute.  Serve with love. :)

The verdict?  
Hubby and mother just loved the taste...success! I'm inspired to cook another sea-foods dish in future. :D

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