Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Food Trips: Ilo-ilo 2013 Day 1

It's been a very long while since my last post.   I admit, I've been so lazy writing lately.  But since I wanted to share my food trips in Ilo-ilo, here I am again writing my experiences.

It's my second time to be in Ilo-ilo, and like the first time, our main task here is to eat and eat and eat.  And our first stop in day 1 was the Cabugao Seafoods Haus for an early lunch.  Yeah, I've gained weight after our trip, whew!

Cabugao Seafoods Haus

Our host savor us with Ilo-ilo's specialty, the sea foods.  Yummy, I really enjoyed eating those foods.  I wonder how my wife enjoy the foods since she has an allergy with sea foods.

Food trip in Ilo-ilo 2013
Food trip in Ilo-ilo 2013

Food trip in Ilo-ilo 2013
 Food trip in Ilo-ilo 2013

Food trip in Ilo-ilo 2013
 Food trip in Ilo-ilo 2013

Trivia: Oysters and Scallops are aphrodisiacs which help stimulate the sexual hormone levels in both men and women.  Look at the scallop's meat inside (no green mind please :P).

scallop, aphrodisiac

Oysters, aphrodisiac

And at night, we dined in at Bourbon Street near our Smallville21 Hotel inside Small ville, the famous night out place in Ilo-Ilo.


Bourbon Street mineral water

pork barbecue

My wife love this fish since she has no other choice :)

I'll post another Ilo-Ilo food trips later.  Enjoy the foods. :)

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