Thursday, July 12, 2012

Professional Quality Cutlery

Perhaps you are someone who truly loves to cook – you consider the kitchen your place to create culinary works of art. Each and every tool is selected with care from the poultry cutting shears you use to the knife block you store your cutlery in and every item is treated with the utmost care. For any professional chef cutlery represents perhaps the largest investment they will ever make in terms of cooking equipment so they buy the very best and they expect their cutlery to last for decades. As an amateur chef you also want the best; as such you should seriously consider investing in a Global® brand knifeset.

Global® cutlery originated in Japan in 1985 but did not make their way to the European market until 1988 and finally made it to America. The brand is known for crafting kitchen knives out of one piece of stainless steel, a revolutionary concept. A one-piece knife is exceptionally easy to clean and take care of as the construction allows no joints, rivets or other irregularities which might harbor germs or breed bacteria. A one-piece knife is exceptionally hygienic and that’s easy to understand when you think of a surgeon’s scalpel.

Global brand knives are known for their modern and elegant design and their distinctive shape. They are also known for their excellent cutting performance – most feature a sharp, thin and exceptionally durable blade. The company is inspired by the techniques used to manufacture samurai swords and has incorporated that technology into their manufacturing process.

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