Monday, May 23, 2011

I love Nuffnang

I am a newbie in this blogging world.  I've been influenced by my God mother to create one.  And since I'm a newbie, I explore the cyber space to learn how it works and upon exploring, I've encountered the Nuffnang site.

Why I love Nuffnang?  I love Nuffnang because it opens new avenues for me.  Avenue to learn and avenue to have an extra income while exploring the cyber space.  Nuffnang also updates me to the current happenings in the blogging world and be able to join their contests and be part of their activities.

Recently they’ve posted an event to happen on May 28, since then I keep on waiting for their announcement on how to be part of that event.  It’s a family affair, the Nuffamily day!  Another reason to be thankful to Nuffnang, because this event will help more families get closer.  And I hope and want to be part of it together with my family and friends.

I love the idea of flying lanterns in the sky.  So romantic and soulful. I'm so touched.

If granted, I wanted to bring with me 4 more persons and will be riding the NuffBus.  I'd also like to thanks the sponsors of the said event.

Hope to be part of Nuffamily Day.  See you this Saturday! :)

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Wena said...

I am just wondering who's this Godmother you are referring to! hahaha...

Ninang Weng

Journey of a Capricornian said...

ahahha...sino pa kaya? :D

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