Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family get together at Pansol, Laguna

Last April, we had our family outing at Pansol, Laguna and at the same time a birthday celebration of the two kids and a tribute to the graduates.  Triple celebration in one.

Before we get there, we experienced lots of troubles due to miscommunication with the driver.  Our time in should be 6:00 pm but we reached the resort at almost 11 pm!  Disgusting!  In order not to ruin our day, we just enjoy our stay.  Picture, pictures, eat and eat, swim and swim and sing.

This is KC and very excited in his first swimming experience.

Kuya Manny, Ate Lor and Santino

My Sis and KC, enjoying the hot water :)

us :)
Candle blowing by the celebrants.

Kc enjoying the 6 ft. water

My in-laws, sweet :)  Enjoying the hot water as therapy for their rheumatism :D

My sister and I having a moment together.

For the boys!

Would you believe that this jeep carried us all?  We look like sardines inside but happy in the end.  Because once again we are bonded. As they say, patience is a virtue! :)

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