Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Ultimate Xiao Long Bao at 50% Off Every Thursday in June and July!

With schools kick-starting the heavy traffic on your way to your office, there’s nothing that can brighten up your day but a good meal with your favorite food. So fret no more because Modern Shanghai is here to be the dining-highlight of your day!

For the ultimate dumpling experience, one must have a serving or two of the ultimate Xiao Long Bao at Modern Shanghai. Especially for those who have not tried it yet, indulge in this delectable dish every Thursday of June and July with a special 50% off offer the whole day.

Topping’s Top 10 Everything Food List (Xiao Long Bao), these soup dumplings are magic in your mouth. The delicate and freshly-made flour dough is stuffed with a delicious filling made up of three cuts of pork for that outstanding flavor. After being steamed to perfection, one is ready to take a bite and be captivated by the burst of warm and tasty broth. The restaurant’s award-winning Xiao Long Bao are served with ginger and Zhenjiang vinegar on the side.

Experience the savory Xiao Long Bao at 3rd Floor Glorietta 2 and 2nd Floor North Veranda SM Mall of Asia. Experience Xiao Long Bao like never before. Taste the love only with Modern Shanghai!

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