Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bicol's Dish: Pancit Bato?

I've been to Bicol for I think third (3) times.  My first visit to Bicol was in Polangui, Albay way back 2008 together with my friends.  It was an awesome experience though we struggle so much just to get there. 

photo credits to owner

There are lot of things and places to remember in Bicol one of those is the Mayon Volcano.  You can consider yourself lucky if you see this mountain in your trip to Bicol.  She's very beautiful and majestic.  Aside from Mayon, Bicol is also famous with their Bicol express and laing.  But there is one dish that really tickles my taste buds and that is the pancit bato.  I dunno why it is named like that, all I know is that, it is so yummy!  That is why I learn how to cook it.

Unlike any other pancit, this one needs to be exposed in the air or it will be rotten/ will have molds like a decaying wood.

I love it in sossy style, meaning with sabaw (soup).


black pepper
magic sarap
broth cube

How to do it?

Saute garlic and onions in a hot pan.  Put the pork and cook  until golden brown.  Pour water then boil it and drop 1 broth cube.  Add the pancit bato and cabbage.  Season with salt, black pepper and magic sarap.  Boil 'till cooked.  Do not overcooked.  Tips: For a better taste, prepare vinegar with garlic and chili pepper.  Mix it with your pancit bato.  Yummy!

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Wena Sotto said...

sarap ng pansit bato.... mura pa! hehehe

Love said...

The photo of the cooked pancit bato does not look appetizing enough. Anyway, I'm from Bicol, and I can say that this kind of pancit is really a must-try. :)

Jhengpot said...

Sorry for that...I only used my phone cam in taking the picture.. Don't worry I'll do better picture next time. Thanks for dropping by and it's true that this pancit is a must try! :)

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